Baby sleeping on fathers arm Baby sleeping on fathers arm

Outstanding Skin Care

Providing moms with diapers that serve to keep baby’s skin dry and comfortable.

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Diapers free of harsh ingredients.

Hypoallergenic, fragrance-free diapers.

*70%+ by weight

Plant-based* wipes since 1990.

Helps keep skin clean & healthy.

FREE Huggies® Newborn Diapers and Wipes When You Support No Baby Unhugged

Skin-to-skin hugs can help babies sleep better, stabilize heart rates, and help them thrive. That’s why Huggies® creates No Baby Unhugged initiative to help babies get all the hugs they need.

It’s Disney’s Tigger and Pooh!

Get the same Natural Care® Wipes you know and love, now featuring the beloved Disney characters.

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Pregnancy by Week Pregnancy by Week

Support & advice for every stage.

From pregnancy to potty training, we’re here to help you navigate the unknowns of babyhood. Learn about each week of pregnancy or try our useful tools—find a name, predict your baby’s gender, calculate your due date, or find out how many diapers you’ll need. Spoiler alert: it’s a lot.

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